Just watching the trees, and the leaves as they fall.

Upon perusing my fellow WordPress user’s blogs, I came across a really interesting post by Marculyseas, in which he wrote a detailed account of his thoughts about home.

It got me thinking (and this thought was prevalent in his post too) about how the concept of home is almost defined by the emotional characteristics of your bond with a place – the unseen. To the extent that a room at a hostel is just that. Irregardless of how long you stay there, it’s not until there’s some sort of bond created – through good experiences, meeting people and having a relationship inside of that building, does that place become meaningful.

There’s a sense of permanence to the concept, at least to me – even if you’re permanently moving, then your home is always with you, i suppose.

Thanks to marculyseas for kindly allowing to me reference his blog. His address is http://marculyseas.wordpress.com


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    1. Yeah, the concept of home. I think I can make a pretty good go of it. Further refinery of the idea, and the manner in which I attack it will continue.

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