Those birds are bats


When talking to others about their concepts for a folio, it seems far easier to analyse, as opposed to dealing with ones own concept. As this is the place for reflection, analysis, thought and university, now is the time to get writing.

Why is talking about the concept of home such a riveting and emotive subject for me?

Probably because it’s so intrinsically and inexplicably linked to self. A person’s home is where there is no performance, pretension, masks and mirrors. Home is the place where a person is themselves and free. However, when a house/room/place etc isn’t a home, all of a sudden, one is faced with a contradiction and a dichotomy. A place that needs to be safe, is now a place that has to be dealt with, and not relaxed into. Accommodating others wants and needs etc and making changes larger than frivolous and meaningless minutiae.

As for me, to have control on the extent of silence and sound is paramount. Moreover, needing to sleep and be away from everyone – having an escape in sleep, and an escape in the waking state, is just as important, and intrinsic to home. Therefore, it’s (more than one) place, a state of mind and a refuge of sorts – as clichéd as it sounds. Linking warmth with home – aside from sounding rather juvenile, isn’t needed. Sometimes the cold (Listening to Pornography by the cure and Closer by Joy Division) is all one needs – to return to an equilibrium.

Therefore, home, moving, change and a new home – something we’ve all dealt with, is incredibly important. Important enough for a photo montage.


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  1. s2art Says:

    So.. are yo going to create a montage of this idea, or try and create a narrative?

  2. A narrative, either in a literal or symbolic sense.

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