Thoughts on presenting the final folio

Over the past few months since I’ve been in Melbourne, what I’m trying to achieve in this essay and more thought about the concept of home has become prevalent, and therefore the idea has become refined.

Whilst using an Iphone as a camera is only just passable in terms of quality, the concept of it makes perfect sense. With living the teen life, the sense of portability and instant gratification is profoundly encouraged in all areas – music, food, alcohol – and all the things they link to. Using an Iphone to capture images in a fast moving time (where there is never enough time) ties in with my concept. The images that want to be captured don’t last a long time, and nor does the place that they’re taken – in a literal and conceptual sense.

Therefore, home is a collective of physical places – couches, parks, beds, Collins st in the infinitesimal hours of the morning – accompanied with whatever is in pockets and backpacks.

My folio is a mesh of installation art – music accompanying photographs taken that represent places in time – in a literal and figurative sense. The country, Krispy Kreme, Kensington Rd., the City, lofts and Walking home after work…at 6 in the morning. Each piece of music needs to linked to each photograph, in order for the works to actually have the greatest amount of impact possible.

This folio will be a self portrait, a document of the past and intrinsically have my thoughts on the concept of home.

“What I liked about the early conceptual work, was that it got to become respectable to emphasise your mind and to de-emphasise the object….there was the freedom for art to be almost anything. It didn’t have to be a stretched canvas covered with paint” – Jenny Holzer


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