“Take my hand and pray with me…”

So, Tasmania for a week! It’s a really rad place, but just different enough to the ‘mainland’ to still strike you as slightly skewed. For example, no-one is ever in a rush, EVER, even in the places called cities…that are really no larger than regional centres. Hence, there’s also a skewed ratio of bogans to uh, non-bogans I guess. Also a lot of tourists…

As well as a lot of driving and looking at scenery, cheese shops, etc. There were also one occasion in which we were able to see the penguins coming in from the sea to nest for the evening at a particular ‘resort’. They had nice rooms and all, but resort? eh. But yeah, it was an incredible experience, as the penguins are pretty fearless, and if you stand still for long enough, they walk right into you. I’ve been enamoured with them since going to see them at the Aquarium last year, which in itself is a strange experience. It’s beautiful to see animals in their habitat (or as close to it as possible), yet the situation only exists for the viewers enjoyment, which totally undermines the fact that it’s a living creature that used to be in the wild. As well as that, never being able to interact with almost anything at an aquarium is a strange fascination as well. It’s like being removed despite being in such close proximity. Anyway, the night after being at one with the penguins, we watched Happy Feet.

Family fun time was actually fun too! Did anyone else’s parents ‘force’ their kids to have a good time. In the sense that you HAVE to look as though you’re enjoying yourself? I miss the old times in a way.

Oh, and it’s blisteringly cold. The wind cuts straight through any number of woollen jumpers and cardigans. Need a parka before going to England.

Look DEEP into the parka

There were also a few amusingly defaced signs…

Got back to Melbourne on Saturday afternoon after the plane ride (even though I’ve only had three in the last two years) which was a harrowing experience. Not sure why they’re so incredibly euphoric/demoralising, but they are. Then went to work and didn’t get fired! then to a house party…which is best written about for another time.


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