A new post soon…

Within the week, a post detailing my thoughts on how musicians can make a living and promote their careers will be posted on this ‘ere site (in order to complete a final assessment for the second year class Arts Inside Story). Reference to the high profile experiments carried out by Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails will be further analysed, as well as a further look into online piracy and the effect of the internet on music.

Some of my previous research into music piracy has been posted at a no-longer-updated blog.

Post 1

Post 2

Also, since purchasing a turntable and vinyl, I’m actually enjoying purchasing and savouring an album – the oft spoke excitement of waiting for a new album in the post is present again. It didn’t seem to difficult to hold off on listening to Halcyon Digest – the most recent album by Deerhunter, because it had become a planned occasion. Get home, cook, sit down, savour. It was something to look forward too, and it was the perfect album for it. The detail in constructing the album, tracklisting, ambient sections, as well as earlier live sessions – such as the stellar BBC6 session allowed foreigners to experience the anticipation.

It was beautiful.

As is Glitter by No Age – the first single from the newly released Everything In Between.


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