Leeds via Europe

the oddities of Leeds…

I’ve seen the sun remarkably rarely….in fact, I’ve seen more ice-cream trucks than more sun rays over the last 4 months…and ads for sunscreen! HA!

Learning the fine art of banter and taking the piss has led to feeling as though I’ve learnt a new language. That being said, it’s nothing in comparison to Oscar Wilde. His writing takes the piss.

I’ve been hard at work…a little. I’ve been reluctant to constantly write updates. does more webspace need to be taken up by a tumblr?  self censorship is important, as is internalising experiences rather than publicising them.

A freshly pressed EP shall be ready to purchase too if you’re at all interested…very soon.

Goodnight Leeds, Good Morning Melbourne.

PS. If there’s a picket fence at uni tomorrow on account of the strikes, I will not be a scab. Picketing sounds a little like loitering, but with more badges, signs and oppression. If there’s nothing I love more than a double espresso in the morning, it’s indiscriminately hanging around while drinking one. I have a permanent marker and books and books of unused paper (They’ll come in handy though Mum).

I’ll say


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